Friday, August 05, 2005

Butter, Oil and Okra

Dear Mom,

I realized that you have truly made yourself at home when assessing the new items found in my kitchen.

Walnut Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Safflower Oil
Avocado Oil
Sesame Oil
Olive Oil (mine)
Almond Butter
Sesame Tahini
Sunflower Butter
Peanut Butter (the kind that separates)
Several pounds of frozen okra (in lieu of the several pounds of frozen artichoke hearts left behind last summer).

I'm glad you are here. I love you.


  1. Just wanted to say hi. I found your site through crazylady's and thought I would check it out.

  2. Good for you for dealing with your mom's "generosity" so well. It must be nice to have that relationship with her, and know that even though she may drive you crazy, she is still your mom, and is doing the best for you.

    There are lots of people out there who seem to take their parents for granted, so it is good to read about someone who loves her's through all of that.


  3. Sounds like you are having fun with your mom there. What does she use all that stuff for?

    I like the photo you have on this blog.

  4. I just read your last post and it is hilarious. I think the whole building must have heard me laughing.

    Now, my question is, what is "crazy lady" referring to in her post re my "generosity" and driving you crazy? Come on, you can tell me.

    you know who

  5. bud: thanks for popping in.
    ttl: So good to hear from you. I've wondered where you went. And I have no idea what Mom uses all that stuff for. I guess she eats it at some point. She has a very limited diet due to some persistent allergies, so I can only imagine that she indulges on the limited foods that she can eat. Food is such an issue for many people, in some very different ways.
    cl: Yeah, my mom is awesome, but quirky. She spends the summer with us, and it's been really great. Otherwise, I have no family nearby.
    anonymous: what - you drive me crazy?