Friday, August 19, 2005

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Well, not jail, motherhood, I mean. Today was half of that - an almost freebie. There was a kid at the farm. A real, live, fun to play with kid with a really cool mom who let Chloe follow them around everywhere. My excuse to stay indoors on this incredibly lovely day was that I finally got all the people out of my house so I can clean. But, instead, I ran across this blog while copying my entire music collection on my laptop so I could then copy it onto my new IPod. Check this out, only if you dare and only if you have a lot of time to spare. 63 days Hey, I ended up letting total strangers feed my daughter lunch, and then pawned her off on near strangers for dinner while I read the entire archives, so really, beware. (Is there a reason that all these words rhyme? Dare. Spare. Beware. Surely I didn't intend this.)

During this blood-chilling read, I consumed 3 separate lunches. As though being totally sedentary for a day actually increases the appetite. Arghh - will I ever diet? And my house is still a mess. Damn you, Internet. Damn.


  1. Hey; Just wanted to drop by and say Hi!! Hope all is well with you and your family.

    What is the deal with the farm? Do you live in the city, and have like a weekend place, or are you planning a move.

    Haven't had much time to write lately, I forgot how time consuming working for a living is. Not to mention the neverending housework, and child rearing!!

    Talk to you soon;

  2. Good to hear from you, CL. I feel for you... I put a lot of hours in during the school year, and for summer, I've really stepped off the planet, it seems. We have a country home in a "farm" community. What used to be a working dairy farm is now a conservation community. The developer has taken care to build the homes with as little impact to the environment. They're clustered together in small groupings to foster a sense of community. None of us have yards, per say, but we all share 180 acres of prairie, forest and community space.

    It's really lovely. My husband and I are always questioning the expense, but what it does for the psychie, it's worth it. I love it so much, I'd like to live here fulltime, but it would be very difficult for my husband to commute, and the schools aren't so great. I really appeal, now, to the rural poor. While I'm not among them, I have so much respect for these small farmers that bring food to our tables, yet don't bring in enough to pay the higher taxes to afford the higher standard in education. I can appreciate why many people home school, but can't conceive of taking that on myself.

  3. I really should consider myself lucky. We have a home quarter, about 160acres that the house is on, and the rest is pasture for the horses and cows. We also have another 60 acres just north of us, which we use for hay, for feed.

    It is quite beautiful out here, but I really understand what you are saying about rural poor. My husband and I both have to work to keep the farm up and running. There is no way we could make it on the income it brings in alone.

    It is quite a hike to work anywhere where you make decent money, like the city. We are 45 mins away, and that is if the weather is alright, and it hasn't snowed, or rained forever. Most of the trip is grid, so it all depends on road conditions.

    I am lucky in that my work is only about 20 mins away, and my husband works only 2 miles down the road. He is a real cowboy if you can believe that, he rides horse all day, and treats cattle that are sick. Right now he is taking care of about 2200 head of cattle, with only one other guy to help. It is a hard job, but he would not do anything else.

    And talk about taxes, I don't mind the school taxes so much, as we have kids in school. But the school taxes are higher than the land taxes!! What a crock. Not to mention all of the older folk around who no longer have kids in school, yet pay through the wazoo in school taxes.

    Anyway, rant done, was good to hear from you.

  4. CL, that just sounds so beautiful. When we looked for our vacation home, we were really interested in getting a sizable portion of land (my fantasy of livin' off the land), but anything that was affordable was too far away to visit on a regular basis. This farm community was a good fit, plus it has awakened me to many harsh realities - like I have no idea what it takes to do real farming.

    Please feel free to email me sometime, Take care.

  5. Hi Dominique! I just dropped by as I haven't been around for a week and wanted to see what you were up to and how you were doing.
    I used to live on CL's farm; spent my childhood there. It is beautiful. I love that many wonderful and not so wonderful memories.

    It is nice to have a get a way.