Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just in Case

Just in case anyone from high school actually looks up my blog (because I advertised it in the memory book - shameless attempt at self-promotion, huh?), I need to add a few things to my previous post.

I did have friends in high school. Only I had a very difficult time maintaining friendships. A character defect that I still struggle with today. Things usually go along swell for awhile and then I go mental and isolate and get paranoid that people don't like me and are really just laughing at me or manipulating me or something. It's not clinical, or so I think. But that's been the story of my life. I even do this occasionally with my siblings. But thankfully they are related and will eventually push me out of it. For whatever reason, I've never done this with my husband. Perhaps because things are different because I have regular sex with the man. Although I do occasionally get paranoid that he's having sex with other women. That paranoia doesn't last because he's such a terrible liar that I'm sure I would have found out. Or, he's such an excellent liar and I'm better off not knowing.

I digress. I need to really find that yearbook and mention the people that were really cool, but for unknown reasons, I never kept up with them.


  1. Hi,
    I am a new reader and number one, I am trying to diet as well, its not going all that great. Though I think I have a pretty good self esteem (we can thank my parents who are spending alot of money on therapy.) But anyway, the stuff about friends I can totally relate to as well. I want to send you the best of luck with everything that you are doing, and I hope that you realize that you are just plain fabulous the way you are.
    -Caroline from NYC

  2. Hi Caroline from NYC. Thanks for the good will. And I'll thank your parents, too. Therapy's great. That's another thing I'll resume when school is back in session. Good luck to you, too. And I totally miss NYC. Lucky you.