Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oil Conservation

This is what a 195 pound mama looks like pulling her kid. Not terribly sophisticated; however, after discussing gas prices and comparing vehicle models with a local radio personality at a nearby (5.5 miles) hotdog stand, I felt pretty good that George had dragged me out on the bike to run my errands this morning. I rode 10.5 miles. Plus I walked at least 1-2 miles with George's bike after his 2nd flat tire to meet him at the bike shop. He has one of those super fast, expensive bikes that gets a flat whenever taking it on the road. I don't see the wisdom in that. Then on the way home, he braked with the front brake and flipped the bike when his wheel got caught in a hole in the road. A few bruises, but he's okay. I just don't think he ever looks down.

I'm rethinking replacing the pumpkin patch with a hot tub. Hmmm, that would feel so good on my heel spur right now. And the pumpkins are a no show after powdery mildew has killed all the leaves. Maybe it's still too early in the season.


  1. Put the jacuzzi in. Hey, email me when you can. I have an opinion to share with you. It's not about you so please do not worry.

    We only managed to make it to the Farmer's Market today. Does walking all over the market count for exercise?

  2. It absolutely counts. I should confess that this picture was one of 40 that George popped off with my camera. I had a lot of fun deleting all the others. Especially the ones that had a clear shot of my gut hanging over my waist.