Thursday, August 25, 2005

Through the Eyes of a Four Year Old

I turned my friend's son loose with my camera and this is what he took (Chloe took the photo of him), Fyodor's photos. I love the array of simple, mundane objects - yet to him, this was life at his level. This reminds me of "One Hour Photo" where Sy Parrish develops a roll of film taken by the son of the woman he's obsessed with. The images were gorgeous and I thought, no way could a child take stuff like that. Well, with a little better lighting, Fyodor's done it. Hat's off to you, kid.


  1. Wonderful pictures! What a great eye!

  2. What a little cutie!!! Amazing isn't it, how seeing things from a child's eyes, can totally change out perspective on things.

  3. He did a spectacular job. I really enjoyed looking at his pictures. After being berated through email by my dad tonight for working too much, this was a definite help to my spirits. Thank you for that.