Thursday, September 01, 2005

Too Late

It's probably too late for me to post (because I can't keep my eyes open between all the Katrina coverage and other bloggers I'm intent on keeping up with - okay and the 3 glasses of shiraz) so don't expect brilliance. Well, please don't expect brilliance otherwise, but considering I've got about 3 readers, the bar's been set.

I must report that for two days I stayed within my Weight Watchers Points. That's huge because that was the point of this damn writing exercise in the first place. And for two days of pain (except for the last 3 glasses of Shiraz) I expect a 6 pound weight loss. No way. I've got my period instead and I'm still at 195. You know, maybe it's the scale.

Katrina's still got me down - way down. Maybe it's pts leftover from 9/11. How can a million people lose their homes and economy so quickly? It's one thing to read about millions of people dying in a foreign country when an earthquake swallows them all into the sea. But that seems so remote. We Americans all grew up hearing about bizarre natural disasters that consumed life by the thousands and sometimes millions but had little identification with it. There's actually a mathematical phenomena (don't ask me what it's called, though) that explains why people can't visualize numbers beyond a few hundred. After that it's all just, Wow.


  1. Three great readers, by the way.

  2. 4 readers Dominique! Hello from New Brunswick Canada :) I found your site thru crazyus.

  3. I also spent half the night watching the coverage. Being in Canada, it seems so far removed, yet I still today feel sick to my stomach, and so very helpless.

    I feel so bad for the Americans, it seems like you just get back to semi normal, and something else major hits you. 9/11 was such a shock to all of us here, and to be quite honest, I think I am still feeling confused about all of it. But now this, I can say nothing except I am so sorry, and will pray daily for all of those lost and who have lost so much.