Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Waning Summer

I had to catch this one last time before summer ends. School has already begun here in Indiana. We still have a week at a half left, but I'm already mourning the end and try to think of all the things I'd wanted to do. Like visit some great national parks with my kayak, tile my walkway with homemade cement bricks, finish the rag rug for Chloe's bedroom, hang blockout shades in my bedroom so I can sleep past 6am, haul out a dresser and wardrobe for the guest room, sew a few sundresses and loose (fat) pants, buy and move into a new house, and lose 40 pounds. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


  1. What a beautiful picture! Is that where you live? If it is you are so lucky to have that kind of view. Mind you, people like what's in other people's back yards more than their I may just be wanting the grass on your side of the fence.

  2. Oh no. People pay over a million to have this view. This shot is from a local public beach. When I'm not entertaining, I'll ride my bike there (obviously not enough lately as I'm still stuck at 195). Otherwise it's a ten minute drive.

    While I love the waterfront, I'm more in love with the land. There is something so abundant in the wide, plains of corn, wheat, etc. It must be primal that beauty for me is where things can grow. The water can be so harsh - beautiful at one moment, viscous and cruel the next.