Thursday, September 01, 2005

Housing for Katrina

I've found a really great way to help with Katrina survivors. Check out Katrina Housing. If any of you have a guest bedroom or as much as a vacation house or cabin, this is a way to really make a difference. I'm hoping to donate my farmhouse to a family that is anxious to get their kids in school while they figure out what to do next with their lives. I've asked my inlaws to do the same with the three spare bedrooms they have in their home in Mesa. Because no one will be returning to New Orleans within the next six months, or ever.

If you have no room to spare, donate now.



  1. Some dumb-ass just left me a spam-comment on this post. Shame, shame, shame on them. For any of you good willed folks, call this number, 800-383-2890, and leave it on hold for as long as possible to rack up their 800 charges.

    Then be so kind as to help Katrina victims if you can.

    Peace (but not to spammers).

  2. That rocks in a big way. What a GREAT idea.

    I also heard about a group on NPR that is creating a "chain" of drivers to help people out of town, driving them from one person to the next until they get to their destination.

    I love to see people thinking with their hearts instead of their wallets.

  3. I think that is soosoo great of you! We are out in California, and really don't have money to send, but dude, if I had a room I'd be all about it!

  4. I out a link to this post on my today's post. I hope that is okay with you. How is every thing else?

  5. As I wake up again feeling sad and overwhelmed by the enormity of the ravages of Katrina and the plight of the people affected by it, I am so glad that you have turned your concern into something that will actually help.