Sunday, September 25, 2005


What I didn't do:
  • Get fingerprinted to complete adoption application.
  • Swim/workout at gym.
  • Plan week of nutritous home cooked meals.
  • Shop farmers' market for fresh vege's.
  • Take daughter to playground.
  • Clean house, laundry & dishes.
What I did do:
  • Adopted a kitten.
  • Tried on several swim caps over new hair extensions. Too tight and looks weird. Decided I can't go swimming anymore.
  • Slimfast for breakfast,pub grub for lunch, and Thai food for dinner. So much for cooking.
  • Played w/Edwin & new kitten.
  • Played w/new kitten.
  • Made kitten toy.
  • Watched as cats & Chloe dragged & deposited toys & yarn balls all over house. So much for cleaning house.

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