Friday, September 09, 2005

Puttin' it Up


To That.

I'm not sure why I'm so inclined to spend hours picking grapes, skinning grapes, cooking grapes, seeding grapes, cooking them some more and then canning them when for about two bucks I can buy my own Concord Grape Jam at the store in less than 15 minutes. It must be my Mormon upbringing or just an obsessive gene trait that lay dormant until I came along. You know the one, like when I have a perfectly sufficient bank account but I can't buy a new skirt because I see terribly cool skirts in the store and exclaim, "wow, I can make that" and then I never do.

I didn't think they would jell (this is my third try), but after it all cooled down, it was perfect. Hmmmm, yummy jam.


  1. That is seriously impressive. I think I share that gene as well, but this! This is nuts. Speaking of which, why don't you make some peanut butter, too?

  2. To follow up... I couldn't help but do it all over again, and again. Because there are bushel loads of grapes that no ones seems to want and in addition to that crazy hey-I-can-make-that gene, I also have the god-you-can't-let-those-perfectly-good-grapes-go-to-waste gene. As though we still live in the Depression.

    I don't do peanut butter because peanuts don't grow around here. However, walnuts abound. Not good eating walnuts, but I've heard in Italy they're used to make a flavored liqueur. Hmmmm.