Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Speaker Wire

Tried to hook up my stereo speakers today, but left it all in a tangle. I think I think that I'm going to give it all up and get one of these. Feedback anyone?

Snagged this from Muse. Go to Google and type "(your name) needs". Include the quotations marks. For example, if your name is James, type "James needs" and press enter. Pick the five funniest ones.

Dominique needs:

- to find 145 machines.
- to take a more aggressive role in the boat...
- to work a bit more on her classes (flash back to Grade School, Junior High, High School, BYU, etc.)
- to go down.
- a breast job. (I swear, George didn't write this.)
- no introduction. Her sex appeal is sizzling.


  1. For the price and range of sound, it's not worth the money. If you have an iPod, I would get the white speakers at the Apple store that look like Stormtrooper helmets. They have a better sound and connects to your iPod dock or iPod directly. For a smaller room, you can get the Altec speakers which is cheaper and a better sound. (You can see I did my research earlier this year when George got my iPod for Christmas.)

  2. Fatima - thanks for the advice. I've been putting off that trip to the Apple store - so many cool things to want, want, want. That Bose name is so well advertised - but when I look at the price I'm always wondering if this just isn't the Tiffany's or Neiman Markup of the sound world, or do they live up to the hype?