Saturday, October 15, 2005


This was taken about a year ago at a block party. The fire department turned on the hydrant and hung out while kids crawled into, onto and all over their fire engine. As my daughter's lips turned blue (that water is near ice), my mind wandered back to a time (little more than ten years ago) when I lived in Harlem on 123rd and Lenox. There were a lot of kids there, too, running through open fire hydrants. But the arrival of the fire department wasn't something to celebrate. The younger kids scattered, while the older ones jeered at the firemen as they shut off the water. As soon as they were gone, a large old man with a very large wrench managed to turn it back on again. Instantly the kids were back. Hah.

I post this for Mama Says Om. Beautiful site. Beautiful women.


  1. Lovely story--and GREAT photo!

  2. Oh I love it! I can just see the old man with the wrench and how much fun it must have been for him to turn the hydrant back on. What a charming story!