Thursday, November 17, 2005


For the Three...Beeeoooootch.
Originally uploaded by tread.
I've been wondering if it is more pretentious to say something, or to be cool and discreet as though it were nothing.

George played hoops against Michael Jordan last night.

Me? I took Chloe to ballet, cooked dinner, and tried to organize my studio.

Before I indulge in self-pity at my simple existence, there is nothing so cool as when my five-year-old begs and begs and begs for me to play Lego's. I finally relent and bend my creaky knees to get on the floor with her. She flashes her beautiful smile and says, "Mom, I really like playing with you."

Later, my heroic-basketball-playing man came to bed. I wrapped myself in his long limbs for warmth and mused, "do you think Michael Jordan wakes up with creaky joints?" Then drifted off to sleep.

I am so in love. With both of them.

Postscript: The photo is not my own. Click through the image or one of the links to see more of Tread's excellent work.


  1. You're a lucky, lucky gal.
    Your blog so makes me miss Chicago. We have such fantastic memories there. We only lived in the area for three years (in Elmhurst) with our children (lived in CA for 10 years prior to that) but my husband and I grew up there - he worked in Oak Park - gorgeous, grew up in Winnetka - great town, and we just miss it. You're living my Chicago life that I long to have. sigh. Please continue to post your great photos. I LOVE them.

  2. That's how I feel about New York. But it's easy to love this city. I'm glad that we're here.

    The photo, however, isn't mine. Click through the link, and you'll find this guy's work on flickr. Really cool stuff. I only aspire to work like his. I'll add a postscript to my post.

  3. Sounds like you have found life warm embrace of contentment. Congratulations, you are very lucky.


    [wow MJ, I'm so jealous!]

  4. I just posted the story. Of course I had to mention M.J. and the fact that it was your fault [wink] that the Junk Man took our scrap.