Wednesday, November 02, 2005


After playing basketball Saturday morning, George came home with lunch for me and Chloe. Very thoughtful. However, I immediately noticed that he wasn’t eating with us so I asked if he’d already had lunch.

“Yes – at the gym.”

“I thought you were going to come straight home. Right away.”

“I did come home right away.”

“Who did you eat with?” No reply. “You ate alone?” Still no reply.

“George?” I entered the office where he was playing Age of Mythology, “Why don’t you answer me?”

“Because you are asking crazy questions. “

“I am not.” He continued playing his game. “George?” I shouted.

He turned and carefully asked, “Did you eat your lunch, yet?”

“What?!?" I yelled. I couldn't find the words to express my indignation. “This does not have to do with my lunch!!!” I marched into my bedroom and sobbed. After a few moments, I came out, ate my lunch and made out with my husband. So much better.


  1. I SO identify with this. You have no idea.

  2. Me too. Had to laugh, mainly at myself.

  3. Sounds like me, too. But I'm still wondering who he had lunch with. LOL

  4. I wanted to title the post something like, "Premenstrual, Low-Blood-Sugar, Hangover Interrogation" but it didn't sound as elegant. Nor was I sure I wanted to admit to having the occasional, albeit infrequent, hangover.

  5. Nor did I want to discuss my period. Regarding blood-sugar levels and food - there is much to say, but I don't want to completely bore my few readers.