Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday - Consumer

The day after Thanksgiving I planned to deliberately observe Buy Nothing Day (thanks to another fine blogger for the reminder). Unfortunately, I was in a strange town when I got my period. I had to get supplies. We drove around and around looking for a small drugstore. I would have burned a tank of gas if necessary to avoid the local mall. But alas, the smallest store I could find was a Fred Meyer. I've never seen this before, but it is not unlike a Wallmart or a Meijer's. The store was decked out in full Christmas gear. Huge signs promising great deals obstructed many isles. Free coffee and donuts was being served and lines built up around the registers. I picked up my few essentials and stood in line for what seemed like an hour.

A very friendly, chatty woman looked at my sparse basket and exclaimed, "Good God girl! How did you get through here with just that tiny, little basket?"

"I'm observing Buy Nothing Day, but I got my period. So, you know, I had to buy something." I replied.

Her bright smile turned into a look of deep concern. "Oh, I see." Concern that I got my period while on vacation? Or concern that I was really crazy and wasn't planning to do any Christmas shopping?


  1. LOL That's too funny. I too, observed "Buy Nothing Day" and PROUD OF IT!!! That photo of you is so funny, and the J.Crew catalogue reminds me of the movie Best In Show. When that couple from IL are like "yeah, we met in Starbucks, and we were both reading our J.Crew..." How simple minded of me to get a kick out of that. :)

  2. AWESOME picture.

    let's be friends.

  3. Thanks, to both of you. You know there is not a single thing in the J. Crew catalog that would fit me, except a mitten or hat (but I could make those), yet I still pour over it religiously. It's one of those self-loathing activities I do when overcome with the "I wants".

    Holly - yes. Of course. I love your latest. Especially the blue with elongated features.

  4. Congratulations on observing "Black Friday" - interesting that that is the name for the Friday after Thanksgiving. Wonder where it comes from? Great photo!


  5. I heard it has something to do with retailers being 'in the black' as far as their earnings are concerned. But who the hell knows. Sounds sinister to me.