Monday, December 12, 2005

Big Truck

Originally uploaded by Dominique Alyce.
I was waiting for the light on Congress and Dearborn when this truck slowly approached. Two little dogs dressed in red and white santa sweaters were yapping like crazy at the window. He rolled down his window, smiled and waved as I snapped this photo. I'm sad it turned out blurry. Didn't have time to adjust the settings.

During the same walk I was experimenting with photographing reflections (for self portrait tuesday). A rugged guy (scary at first) approached, stopped and stared. After watching me photograph myself several times in the library window, he broke out into an enormous toothy grin. He stepped closer and began a series of amusing poses. When I turned my camera on him, he became shy and shuffled away.

I'm thrilled when total strangers ham it up to get their picture taken.

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  1. I tell you what, I've seen the most interesting people (and their pets) on the Congress. Oh, and Lower Wacker too. LOL