Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dancing Dreamer

Originally uploaded by Dominique Alyce.
Today was Chloe's much anticipated ballet recital. It started with the three girls sleeping. One girl would yawn, stand up, dance about and sit down again. Then the next, and finally Chloe's turn.

The first girl's skirt was stuck under Chloe. She had to poke and nudge Chloe to get her butt off her skirt. This confused Chloe which got her irritated, but continued "sleeping". The next girl did her little dance and sat down. When it was time for Chloe to get up, her skirt was stuck underneath both girls. Oh the sadness and confusion. Finally she boldy stood up as her skirt was torn off. She grabbed it, ran off stage, got fixed up and returned quickly to finish her dance.

My heart nearly burst in my chest as I saw her panic. I remember when I was little and in a Montessori school performance. There was a big number when all the classes were combined. I got my turn on stage - right in front of the school. At one point in the routine, we were to stand with our legs planted firm as we reached into the air. My hands shot up as my skirt fell to the floor. I ran off the stage in tears. Someone's parent pinned me back together and pushed me onstage for it to happen again. I never forgot the embarrassment, but still continued to get on stage for various performances throughout my life.

In spite of Chloe's little faux pas, she completed her performance with all the smiles and grace of a bumbling 5-year-old. And again my heart nearly burst from pride and love.

Backstage, she was excited to see me. Only when we were finally alone did her composer melt as she sobbed in my shoulder. My sweet, sweet girl.

PS: I had to do everything to contain myself as the good Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, sat behind me in the audience. George was nudging me to go talk with him - knowing my great admiration for the man and his work. No. He was there as a devoted parent like the rest of us. Surely he would like to enjoy his family without celebrity.


  1. What a brave little sweetie pie!!! I can feel your Mommy heart aching for every up and down of the evening. Brings me back to when my little sweetie pie was up there too. *sigh* I miss those days. But I love these days too. :) And what a gorgeous picture you posted. Love it!

  2. I love this story. You were so eloquent, I felt that I was there. What a trooper she was.

    Today is 12/28/05, being roasted in my apartment, big toe hurting still from dropping something on it 1 or 2 weeks ago. Life is mundane at the moment, and if I were a good little Buddhist I wouldn't be complaining, but simply observing. But who ever said I was a good little Buddhist?

    Today I had the courage to look at videos of dances I choreographed 21 years ago. I liked 4 out of 5, which isn't bad. Surprised me. I thought I'd hate them all. Maybe I will try to choreograph again this year. Maybe not. Whatever.