Monday, December 19, 2005

SPT: Reflective Surface #3

Here I am, again, on a reflective surface. I had stopped for lunch after spending the morning at Marshall Fields on State Street. I should have been Christmas shopping, but whole process seemed overwhelming and insignificant at the same time. With camera in tow, I snapped up photos of some of the beautiful architectural elements while passing through.

Fields on State has the absolute best sales woman in the lingerie department. She saw right through my padded bra and sized me up perfectly, "Hmmm, 38b. Come with me, honey." And into the changing room she brought me along with 10 perfectly fitting bras. "Try them on, kid. Come on, let me see them." It's about like undressing in front of your grandmother. I so appreciate the true sales professionals. Unfortunately, it seems they are about as replaceable as say, the Fields' name.

I stopped here at Potbellies, for lunch and ordered the "wreck". Felt a little like one, too.


  1. love this SPT. It's so facinating to see little peaks of what happens in an ordinary day. Somehow it makes it extraordinary.

  2. this is a great self pic. i hate shopping for bras...

  3. I would love to meet a real saleslady. My grandma worked in an upscale boutique - I bet she was like that.