Friday, January 20, 2006


I've joined Weight Watcher's this week. First order of business (after paying for membership) is to weigh in - like cattle. How appropriate that the scale was tucked away in a back closet. At home, my daily step-on-the-scale is as essential to my morning ritual as peeing and brushing my teeth. Between home and the ww closet, I'd managed to gain six pounds.

Before recalibrating my scale, I tried this little experiment... shoes + socks + jeans + sweater + bra + underwear = 3 pounds. Is it possible to consume 3 pounds of coffee?

The meeting was a little goofy with the star stickers and stupid slogans, but I was happy I went. It felt it comforting.

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  1. try holding onto the wall while you weigh - that's what I do and it's quite pleasing!!!