Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I've Been Tagged

I'm a little slow at this Internet tag game but here it goes... I've been tagged by two terrific women, LoveMom and Dusty. This I will try to play in my own, meandering sort of way.

Recently taken in Brooklyn by my brother-in-law, Christian, this image invokes memories from ten years ago which leads me to the question (all that I'll answer tonight), "What were you doing ten years ago?"

Ten years ago, I was dating my husband to be, George. New York City was magical that winter. Blizzard after blizzard kept the city covered in snow. The day of one such snow dump, I was in Brooklyn, and in spite of the city being virtually shut down, I managed to get into work to close up the office (the doors unlocked automatically during business hours). I slogged through the snow and met George at his office in the World Trade Center where he worked at the time. We ate pizza with the traders and techies who stayed in hotels the night before to keep the markets open. Later, we escaped to Chelsea to hang out in his closet-sized apartment and watched in awe as people were skiing down Broadway (there was probably a fair amount of smooching going on, too). With a blanket of snow, NY looked like time had reversed about a hundred years. I was so in love - with George, with the city, with the snow. I thought life was perfect.

During another blizzard, I had spent nearly all day at church without looking outside a window. Around 4:00 pm, I emerged to find Brooklyn completely shut down. Not a car or bus in site as they were all buried under snow. The F Train was totally shut down past the Carroll Street stop where it inconveniently reaches the highest point in the NY City subway system. I was wearing pumps and pantyhose so the thought of walking home sounded cold and wet. My Bishop ran home to get me some boots, sweats and an extra hat. He walked me halfway to meet George on Fourth Avenue who would escort me the rest of the way home. When we met, I fell from laughter. He didn’t have any snow gear, so he had to rummage through my apartment in my absence. What he found for snow gear was a cowboy hat (from my cheesy, line-dancing days at Denim and Diamonds), a pink/purple/blue fuzzy scarf, and plastic garbage bags wrapped over his shoes. He looked like a drag queen. I turned to thank my Bishop and he had long, icicles hanging from his nostrils and beard. These were two, very chivalrous men - my knights of Brooklyn.

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