Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SPT: All of Me

When dieting, alcohol's calorie content hasn't nearly as much impact on my waist line as does all extra food I consume along with it. Nothing seems to break my resolve quicker than a buzz. Sometimes it is not even the resolve at issue. I may be physically satiated, but the effect of booze somehow dispells that.

Here I am vegged-out, zoned-out, just put the kid to bed and too tired to do anything but eat, drink and watch TV.

This week I was sober, but not in a self-help sort of way. I was on some medication that would react badly with alcohol. I'm anxious to weigh in tomorrow to see if it made any impact.

PS: I cannot think of this month's self portrait tuesday theme, "All of Me" and can't help but want to expose negative aspects of myself. I'll try for some positive exposure next week.


  1. You are so very pretty. In every single photo. I don't look at this particular photo as negative (nor was the last) I've truly thought they were neat and beautiful. And certainly not because I'm trying to be all politically correct - or some nonsense. You are a gorgeous gal. Inside and out. And besides, who doesn't vegge on their sofa? A maniacal serial killer perhaps? :)

  2. That's just a really great photo...! Beer makes me snacky too, though the hard stuff doesn't. Excercise is worse than all of them as it makes crave the delicious empty calories in soda.
    Like your blog a lot!

  3. Oh Dusty, even THEY need to veg once in a while. Maniacal serial killers have a tough job...not everyone is cut out for it...
    ok, enough before I pee my pants.

    I agree, though, dominique, with Dusty whole heartedly. Every picture I have seen of you, I have seen a beautiful, beautiful lady. I don't think your self-picture measures up to what the world sees my dear.

  4. Thank you for the compliments. One more thought on drinking and dieting... I was conspiring with a fellow dieter today and we decided that sashimi definitely tops sushi because without all the rice, we can afford to have a martini, which I would take over food any day :) And exercise is totally out because then I must have at least two full-sized cinnamon raisin bagels.

  5. Hi Dominique! You truly are beautiful in ALL your pictures. I think we all have done the couch routine at some point. And I crave two big bagels at a time too....with cream cheese. Yikes!!