Sunday, February 26, 2006


My cats don't drink out of their water dish - ever. I clean it. I change the water twice a day, but they still won't touch it. Instead they lurk about the sink waiting to catch a drip from the faucet. Any glass half full left about is theirs, even if it means carrying it on their head because they've got stuck inside. Or it seems that no matter where they might be hiding in my home, when the toilet flushes, they appear.  People who have been long-time cat lovers may be already familiar with these bizarre idiosyncrasies, but for me, it is all new news.

I've found a happy solution. I recently purchased some cat grass. The bright, green blades looked so hopeful on a gray, winter day. I would water and trim it and fantasize about what life might be like in the suburbs. As soon as the water poured, the cats came running. They popped out from the hole they made from inside my couch, bounded over toys and table and onto the window sill. Crowding each other out they fought for the precious, grassy, dirt filtered water.

Ahhh - refreshing.


  1. That is SO FUNNY!!! Ruby goes outside to drink from the muddy gutter. It's as though we're starving her of water. Silly animals. :)

  2. That is absolutely hysterical Dominique. I completely do not understand the mind of a feline. Happy drinking.

    Will you be around today? We finally are.

  3. My Samantha used to meow by the sink for water. I guess that stale water in the bowl just wasn't fresh enough!

  4. I have two cats and one does excatly that! The only way she will drink out of a bowl is if it is on our coffee table - Give it a try, a friend of mine suggested it... don't know why, but it works!