Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Vacation is Awesome

Nothing like a new baby to refresh your perspective on the world.

This is really why we came to New York.

Cousins and Twister made up for a rainy afternoon.

And the next day was sunny and warm. So what if we're in a concrete jungle when there are friends about.


  1. I grew more crows feet smiling at these.

  2. I love this last photo in particular - there's something about the texture and colour of the wire fence that really catches my eye.

  3. How cute is that little baby tongue? Adorable. All pictures are just plain adorable!

  4. Hi Dominique. We are back from California. Sorry about the speeding ticket and the toilet. Perhaps you should have had Dave (The Duke) Adams along with you. If for nothing else than to make you laugh with his outrageous mustache. We love you. Theo is a beauty. I wonder if Thea ever got my stuff we sent. Oh, I should probably email her. Now I am rambling so I will stop. Giant hugs for everyone!