Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

This month's Self Portrait Tuesday theme is along the lines of April Fool's Day.

Let me introduce you to my very lovely sister-in-law, Janna. I was in New York on vacation - which seems a little of an oxymoron for me... New York - Vacation. Sounds strange when said together when for over fifteen years I was just another slave of New York dreaming of those very few vacation days when I could plan my escape. Living there wasn't always that rough, it was just a long adrenaline rush. Moving to Chicago was kind of like going into rehab - not really realizing how bad the coke habit was until it wasn't there anymore.

Janna planned an evening out that included dinner and an off-broadway show that was worth a few laughs (thanks for the tickets, sweetie). The joke is, I took this photo while we stood in the street, trying to get Times Square in the background. For the life of me, I would avoid that area like the plague when I lived there. Here, I am a tourist, trying to photograph myself in front of one of the nation's ugliest landmarks, and I couldn't even get the framing right.

As the photo shows, the best part of the evening was time spent with Janna. It was just her and I and we could have been anywhere.

Disclaimer: I would still move back in a second if the opportunity was right.


  1. I love this post. I love the picture of you and your friend. My daughter loved New York, which frightens me a bit. I have to admit, I'd be sad if she moved away to Manhattan some day. :( Oh, and I still subscribe to the Chicago Tribune. LOL Old habits die hard.

  2. I totally need to send you the photos I took last week of Eli in "LEGO Time Square." Maybe you could photoshop you and Jana into the picture. Happy April.

  3. That post had me chuckling at you doing the touristy thing in New York!

    What a great picture hon!