Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sit. Stay. Play.

On his last day in town, my Dad took us all out to brunch. We left one crowded joint for another with a shorter wait. The only table available was small and just a little too close to the wall, so I made Chloe sit on the wall side.

"But Mom, I don't want to sit there," she protested.

"Yes Chloe, you're the smallest one. Please sit there."

"I am NOT small. I am as tall as your boobs." She shouted in that tiny, crowded restaurant.

Hmmm. At least she didn't say she's as tall as my tits.

Yes my darling, well-spoken offspring. "You are tall enough to reach my CHEST. But you're still the smallest one here. So please, sit and stay."

"And Play?" She asked.

Yes. Good dog.


  1. Oh my gosh, priceless. I love kids. A few weeks ago we were in a restaurant bathroom stall when Blaine shouted, "Hey Mom! I just saw your VAGINA!!!" I wanted to die, but I just said, "yes, and if you'd prefer not to see it, quit looking."
    I'm sure the gals at the sinks were rolling their eyes at each other. LOL

  2. That's great. When spoken like that, Vagina (as a word) hardly seems so clinical.