Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today was the deadline to submit photos for the South Loop Neighbors Living History photo contest. I had won this contest two years ago, the first time I participated. At that time I thought of myself as an accidental photographer. The image was one of those taken because I was at the right place at the right time with a camera. It was unintentional.

Now, I suffer from a level of seriousness that inhibits me tremendously. I think I enjoyed taking photos better when I didn't want to be a good photographer. Instead of submitting mediocrity, I was going to skip out on the contest this year. But yesterday Roy, our friendly bank manager, shouted at us from his car for me to get my photos in.

Okay, so playing doesn't always have to be to win, right? Here goes... This is what I submitted:

I burnt out this image while playing with the levels and accidentally overwrote the original - oops.

The photos should document life in this neighborhood, and it's a plus if they can include any historic buildings or elements. Both include a fountain in the area that we play around frequently. I take many photos of this fountain, hoping that over time I will have a series that include seasonal changes, changes in the neighborhood (hopefully not too many), and changes as my daughter ages.


  1. Beautiful hon, just beautiful. My favorite is the top because of the sun in her hair.

  2. Fountain pic is my fav. You are an amazing photographer! Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks, Friends. I found out yesterday that I'm one of the finalists. I'll find out next Friday.

  4. Where you at? I check and I check and I check and there is just no news. I miss you.....

  5. Hey! You've been AWOL for a while! Is everything okay??