Monday, May 01, 2006


I returned home the other night, stuffed from movie theatre popcorn, dinner, drinks and dessert. I urged my family to go on a walk with me to relieve my gluttonous guilt and so they did. Chloe was anxious to get out her bike. She wanted to show George that she could now pedal on gravel – something never before attempted until earlier that day. The outfit she wore was a strange composition of floral pants, yellow frog rubbers, a polka dot slicker, and a pink cloth napkin draped over her head - held in place by a sparkling tiara. This was not at all unusual to her parents as her creative combinations amuse us daily. I had run into the house to drop off my stuff, so the two of them got a head start. Walking towards her, I was greeted by a neighbor whom I had never met. The woman was laughing as she approached, “Your daughter has made my day.” she repeated several times enthusiastically.


I met another couple and they too were chuckling and remarked on Chloe. Wondering what all the fuss was about, I looked to find her at the end of the gravel drive, pedaling with a mighty force as her back wheel spun out beneath her. Her training wheels caused her to be stuck. She was determined to be unstuck. Hunched down over her handlebars, her elaborate headdress flapping in the breeze, she pedaled, pedaled and pedaled. But alas, she did not budge. In her determination to impress her father, she wasn't about to give up. A slight push from George, and she sped gaily on her way.

Because I am her mom, this is daily fare. To see how delightful she is through others eyes I am overcome with gratitude. Childhood is incredible.


  1. It's been my experience that little girls tend to produce much more of this kind of amusement than little boys do, especially when it comes to creative outfitting. At almost 10, Rachel still goes through an average of 2-3 costume changes a day, usually related to some highly imaginative fantasy she's playing out. It's hell on the laundry, but the entertainment value makes it all worthwhile. (And I can't blame her because I did the exact same thing.)

  2. Aren't kids just great!? We figure we could sell the tv and just watch them...could be fun.

  3. Well, your post made MY day. The image of her pedalling. . . And I love her outfit. Maybe next time I visit, I will have her choose my clothes, just to get unstuck from my usual stuff!!

    Great picture, as usual. As well as the one a few days ago, when she didn't want any more pictures taken.

    Lots of love,

  4. She's an awesome kid. :) I can tell by the boots! Go Chloe!

  5. Very fun how these little people have such interesting taaste. My 5-yr-old, Rachel, sometimes does combos like that too.

  6. I can totally picture Chloe. That is so great! Now she and Kyle can go bike riding. I am sure he would love to show her his beach cruiser bike with hot red wheels and fire stripes. He would probably be wearing his Teen Titon Cyborg costume (as he usually does when he goes biking).