Monday, June 26, 2006


After seeing the Field Museum’s Pompeii exhibit, Chloe’s become very concerned about volcanoes. Whenever we travel, she is quick to ensure that there are no volcanoes where we are going.

This last weekend we took a road trip to Minnesota. We're on the road crossing into Wisconsin and Chloe asks, "Mom, are there volcanoes in Wisconsin?"

“No. No mountains, no volcanoes.”

"But Mom, there's a mountain. There, there." she points to a small hill. There are a lot of small hills - beautiful, lush, green, gently rolling hills.

“Chloe, those are just small hills. They just seem big because there are no mountains behind them to show how small they really are.” I look back to see the furrow in her brow deepen, so I try again.

“Once a long, long time ago, this entire area was covered in a great sheet of ice. All these hills are leftover debris from when the glaciers moved over the land and receded North.”

Her furrow only deepened further.

“Chloe, these hills were made by the ice-age.”

“Ohhhh.” The light went on and a look of sheer delight crossed her face. “Ice age.” She mused while nodding her head.


  1. Checking in on your blog and reading your latest story is one my most favorite things to do! I can just hear and see the conversations you have with Chloe.


  2. LOL! Love this! How would we ever properly educate our children without animated movies? I'm stumped! :)