Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Glad There Is Somebody Else Out There Who Hates These Things

I have a secret confession to make and in doing so, I’m afraid of the repercussions. But since many people have the compulsive urge to share their dirty laundry on the Internet, I will give in for a moment and do the same.

I read Dooce.

There, I said it. Whew, got that one off my shoulders.

I can relate to her even though I’m not clinical because a) She’s a Mom, B) She’s not afraid to write about the sometimes horrible feelings of motherhood, and C) She’s an ex-Mormon who has a totally irreverent sense of humor about the Church.

Today I feel compelled to refer to her because it is summertime in Chicago and a strange, hideous obsession has taken over my fair city - Crocs. Ewe.

Each year a new ugly shoe fad rears its frumpy head. More recently it was Ugg boots. Doesn’t the name explain it all? Ugg is supposed to be a warning – she who wears this will be met by the expression of Ugg! Because they are ugly. See, it’s even in the name.

Then it was Keen sandals (I made the gross error in buying a pair because they look so cute on all the kids at school). Not only did they inflame my plantar fasciitis beyond control, they are ugly and they make my already size 11 feet appear larger than a clown’s. Now, what exactly do I need to protect my big toe from? I ask.

Now the trend is a plastic looking garden clog. What was at first slightly amusing on little girls, has taken over and offends the eye at every corner. I try to pretend that these are all just tourists invading my urban pleasure ground, but the numbers are too great.

That is why I share with you my dirty little secret today, because I am delighted that Heather has the same sentiments and has taken this to guerilla warfare. (I know, I’m a little behind on my reading, this is old news for anyone else who reads Dooce.)


  1. I ahve to admit, I do read Dooce, too, but I'm with Jon on this one.

    I was recently hanging out iwth some old hippie midwives, one of whom let me try on her shoes. I don't know if they were croqs, but close. The first thing I did upon returning home to Canada was find some croqs. I've never worn anythng more comfrotable in my life.

    I can see ho others might get caught up in the style thing (I lost most of what made me give a crap about what people think of my appearance when I had a couple of midwives staring into my crotch for three hours as I gave birth) but it doesn't bother me at all. I always liked the Birkenstock shape, which these clogs have. And, they come in lots of cute colours!

  2. I'm a closet croc lover. Are you still my friend?

  3. Mel, if I can still be your friend after you admitted in public that you like Condelesa Rice, I can certainly tolerate the Croc's.

    Funny, after putting up this post, I ran into a friend wearing a pair. Of all the fantastic colors they are available in (the only cool thing about them) she chose a pukey sort'of beige. Why, why??? I asked. She raved about how lightweight they are. And in spite of looking like boats, they fit her feet perfectly and they never move about like they look like they should. Hmmm. I stopped short of trying them on.


    Whatever happened to walking about NY in nothing but 5-inch Charles Jourdan's (Oh, and clothes, too)? Good for grocery shopping, walks in the park, commuting on the subway. I miss the 80's.

  4. How long does it take for your feet to start stinking in those things? I don't care if they have holes in them, your feet will sweat and after a while, they'll stink. Sure, plastic will not grow bacteria and you can wash any funk out, but I've smelled foot funk from people wearing plastic sandals and jellies before and if you don't clean them, I'd make a bet that feet will start smelling after a long day in those shoes. (Maybe it's just in the heat and humidity of the climate down here, but I'd still bet.)

    And I think they're ugly, too. (Sorry, just my opinion. No offense to the croc lovers out there, closeted or otherwise.)

  5. I'm with you on the Keen and the Uggs Dominique. Yuck! I can't stand seeing girls or women with those goofy looking boots on with shorts.....hello.......stupid?

  6. LOL! Phew! Crocs and Condi and you still like me. Obama, well, that's all I got on you. but I still like you too. And, I totally dig your naked on the scale picture.

    As per your husband working from home post - my husband has been home for a few weeks (not even several months like yours) and I can't say that I'm entirely sad that he'll be checking into a hotel in MO for three months. Which, is very mean of me to say, but I'm sure I'll feel differently after I've missed him for a few weeks. Not to mention, he'll miss Diane's first day of High School and Blaine's first day of Kindergarten. sigh.