Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Next Project: Yo-Yo's

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I've recently knit a tank top out of some sale yarn - well, ribbon - bought at Meijers. Not really the best place for fiber, but I was at the farm and having just finished the green tank, I was desperate for a new project. I saw this image over at Raymi's and was won over by the yo-yo skirt so I bought $100 of silk remnants in various shades of blue. I realize that such a busy skirt may not be very flattering for my rather large bottom, but, well, if it doesn't work, the yo-yo's can make an excellent cloak, or vest, or dramatic throw. Or hey, I'm still trying to come up with a really groovey room divider, only blues aren't in my color scheme. Or like my brother-in-law remarked once, hot pads. What would you do with a bunch of silk yo-yo's?

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