Friday, July 14, 2006

Project Journal - Crochet Tank Top

This was another reason why I had neglected my blog for awhile. I made and took apart this top three times before I got it right. The first attempt, I was determined to follow a pattern I found in "The Happy Hooker" vebatim. It turned out having a lumpy middle, enormous top and tiny trunk. Perhaps it would have been suitable for a stripper with 38 double D silicone breasts and a lipo'd waist. Regardless, I ripped it apart and made my own pattern up as I went along. The 2nd attempt almost worked but the armholes were too big. I could have worked around it, but after establishing a perfectionist approach, I ripped it out again. The 3rd attempt was almost exact, but I had to redo the bodice a few times. Not as bad as starting from scratch. Finally, wa-la! Complete. I wore it to the Taste of Chicago and got soaking wet on one of the rides. I wondered why I received an extra amount of gazes throughout the remainder of the day until I realized that the water stretched the whole thing out. It barely covered my nipples. Back in the dryer, it shrunk up okay.


  1. Love, LOVE it!! I have the Stitch 'N Bitch book, and I have yet to knit, but I love to crochet. You did an awesome job!!! It looks perfect!

  2. You are so creative. Again - I am jealous. BTW, you are gorgeous. I've always said so as per your pictures on your blog, but in person? Even more beautiful.

  3. Wow!! That is beautiful! I think the most I'm cut out for is your basic scarf or afghan. I'd love to make something as intricate, lovely and wearableas that, but if I made it through the first run and it wasn't right, I'd just throw in the towel.

    I'm duly impressed!