Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dead Snake

dead snake
Originally uploaded by Dominique Alyce.
My mother was reminiscing about picking blackberries when she was a little girl in Louisianna. She was terrified of the snakes - poisonous ones that could kill you. I ran inside to change into pants to protect my legs from the thorns when my uncle called.

"What'er'y'all doing? Where's yer Mom?"

"Picking blackberries."

"Better watch out for those snakes. They like the rodents that eat the berries."

"Yeah - Mom just said (like two seconds ago). I don't think we have any here."

I guess we do.


  1. Gross. That always makes me nervous when we go to the States... poisonous snakes and poisnous spiders. However, we now have one in our area worth staying away from. Creepy little buggers.

    Experiencing a thunder storm much like the one you did the other night.

  2. O, that's not a poisonous snake, it's just a little garter snake.

    Poor snake. :(

  3. Thanks. I needed to know that :) Yeah, poor little guy.

  4. Dominique,
    About the 25 peeps: I'm no longer in.
    The good news: now I can peep for you.
    I just did!


  5. Hello Dominique
    my englisch is not so good
    just say: have a good day
    salute from Belgium

  6. I came to your from Peeps25. I love the blackberries too, but in Norway you can pick them relativly safe as the snakes are not that poisen:-)