Thursday, August 31, 2006


Self-defeatism: Telling daughter to go play with her dolls so I can clean the house.

(This room sparkled only moments ago.)


  1. We have the same boxes of Ikea! :-)
    Happy World Blog Day.


  2. I'm an Ikea junkie. I have to limit myself to one visit a year which will eventually turn out to three or four after returning or exchanging damaged merchandise or stuff broken while assembling. I still love Ikea.

  3. Hi Dominique, I am a recovering Ikea addict myself. I haven't been in an Ikea in over 6 months and am very proud of myself.

    I am coming out of lurkdom to say that I am linking you for Blog Day 2006.

  4. whoa - that cat looks familiar, and hey, so does that mess in the room. Playing quietly does not equal playing neatly!

  5. always a day late..
    my first guess is the cat's name is Boots

    And wish I oculd guess your Chicago place. I've only landed at the Airport - and flew over miles and miles of what appeared to be warehouses.. b4 we landed

  6. That's exactly the same thing that happens at my house everyday. If only kids had an OFF switch. :-)

  7. Awwww. It looks lived in. It looks like a fun little girl lives there. I don't think anyone woudl walk into your house and think it was a mess. :)

    This from the woman who's house would make people run in fear. :)

    Oh and I'm a recovering Ikea junkie myself. I haven't been there in forever but have been getting the itch.