Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Originally uploaded by Dominique Alyce.
My friend betrayed me a couple of years ago by leaving downtown to buy a 1 1/2 acre lot out in subdivision hell in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. She's been begging me to come for a visit this summer, tantalizing us with their new blowup waterslide.

Well, finally, FINALLY we made it for a day trip. And what a day it had been. I now completely forgive her for moving on. Her home is as lovely as she is. Her garden is abundant with the most incredible, edible delights, and the kids went mad over this waterslide. Everything about yesterday was perfect, except for leaving. Chloe threw a temper tantrum remiscent of her terrible-two days. But it passed quickly, and we both slept very well last night.

This will become a monthly routine (Missy, be warned).

PS: I so love my new lenses. I took this with the telephoto - safely from the shade of Melissa's deck several hundred feet away from the water. Click on the photo to see more in the set. Kids and water always make me smile.


  1. I'm a former city loving, loft living, pedestrian conscious downtowner. Now (due to a long string of unfortunate events) I ended up living in the suburbs.

    But you know what?

    It sucks less and less. Or I'm slowly losing my mind.


  2. Oh - I'm sure you're not losing your mind. I was very seduced yesterday. As I sit with my high-and-mighty attitude, criticizing those McMansions built of ticky-tacky for less than $300k that destroy what little wilderness is left in Illinois, I thought, oh - what a wonderful life my friend lives. I could do this. Nothing like growing food, kids and hearing the buzz of the highway (40 min to downtown) to make you wonder.

  3. Dominique,
    I come to say goodbye.
    We leave on vacation till August 28.
    See you!


  4. Great pictures! That lens does amazing things, as well as your ability to capture great images! I live in the suburbs now, but was raised in the country, the REAL country with dirt roads and lots of acreage. I LOVED it. And I miss it. But now that I live close to everything, when I go home to visit the 'rents, going to the store to get milk takes an hour. Not liking that at all!