Friday, August 25, 2006

water wheel

water wheel
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Yesterday was a rainy day so it seemed appropriate that we spent most of our day wearing slickers in the water room at the Children's Museum. We had nothing planned for the day so I let Chloe take the lead. We were at the museum for nearly four hours as she worked her way deliberately through each room. Luckily I had a new knitting project with me.

As she became lost in her imaginative play, I noticed many parents pushing their kids through the exhibits. The poor kids frantically touched, pushed, pulled, played at a hectic pace to meet whatever expectations the adults had for them - as though there were a conveyor belt under their feet processing them through childhood. No wonder there are so many kids misdiagnosed with hyperactivity disorders. They must be desperate to get it all in before their parents catapult them to adulthood.


  1. That photo brought back fun memories. And the smell of bleach. Don't you think? Or do I have a sensitive nose?

    You know that room w/the giant building objects, like lincoln logs and such? And there's a jungle gym as well? I parked my butt on the floor (after already haven dug for dinosaur bones for hours. Sloan sure found a spleen. He told me so. LOL) and let the boys have at it. They're locked in, and using their bodies and imaginations...I could totally chill.

    Anyway, after I realized I hadn't checked on Blaine in awhile, I thought I might take a peak under the climbing aparatus and see how things were going. I kid you not, my little architect designed and built and entire city under there. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

    Amazing what kids can do when they're not in a hurried frenzy. Good for you for being such a cool, knitting Mom. :)

    P.S. Sorry for hijacking your comments with my long-windedness.

  2. haven dug? having dug? having digged?

    You are friends with a genius. I'm just saying.

  3. Genius - yep, I knew it.

  4. A museum where raincoats are needed sounds like a fun place to be!

  5. First of all, what a beautiful photograph. I really really like it.
    Secondly, I'm no psychologyst, but I think alot of children's problems are directly caused by the parents. Whether it be insecurity, anger, or hyperactivity (and more) I'm sure in alot of cases these can be traced directly back to the parents.

    This sometimes scares me to have children :)
    You seem pretty good @ it though! Will write to you asking for some tips when I start planning a family :D

  6. Voted for you on Peeps-and was surprised happily to see you're from Chicago! (I think I already wrote this in a post but in case you don't get comments from your old posts, I sent one here).