Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School

Here she is walking to school. Walking instead of sitting on the congested Eisenhower bored, staring out the window, waiting to get to school. She loved walking to school. I did, too.
This is what happens to her face when told to smile.


  1. Oh the red shoes. How I love them so!!! Chloe is darling. Enjoy your morning walks! :)

  2. WEll, if that's not the face of true bliss, I don't know what it is! WEll, I suppose it could be the face of constipation, or the fae of "no I will not show Gramdma my lost tooth for the 798th time!" or the face of "geez, enough with the camera already mom! My friends will see!"

  3. I want her red shoes in my size, but alas, no such luck. She started out in silver cowboy boots with shiny, pink stitching, but I discouraged that for her first day :)

    As for her expression, if I didn't know that were my child, I'd say definitely constipation.

  4. Yes, definitely love the shoes!

    And I have seen that face on my kids' pictures more often than not. Or, I get a screwed up, half of my mouth is under my eyebrow and the other half seemed to stay where it belongs smile. To resolve this I take the picture and send it to all their friends. This is guaranteed to eliminate these faces in their older years. Wah ha ha hah hahahahahaha