Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sleepy Time

I have been trying to limit snuggle time with Chloe in the evenings to just a few minutes with no avail. In the past, I’ve thrown that child sleep regimen advice to the wind for me to indulge in those few moments of quiet time just before sleep. I scoff at Dr. Weissbluth and his zealous followers of sleep police. My daughter loves this special time and so do I. We end story time, turn out the lights and snuggle together on her tiny twin bed.

This is that precious time that she’ll tell me about her day. It is the time with no power struggles, no saucy attitude. Usually when grilled at the dinner table about her day she won’t give us any good stories. But at night, relaxed, in bed, she’ll tell me about the girl who had a tantrum in class, or the boy she’d like to marry except he pushed her on the playground that day. She’ll tell me how well she did on the spelling quiz and she’ll even admit to losing a point in class because she wasn’t being “respectful or courteous” to her teacher. Sometimes she falls asleep with her head in the crook of my neck. Sometimes I leave her with a few books to browse because her active mind isn’t ready for rest.

She is now six years old and in first grade. I wonder if she isn’t a little too old to snuggle with mamma so long before sleep, so I’ve tried to cut it down to just a few minutes. Last night she exclaimed, “Mom, I can’t breathe. You’re breath smells funny.”

“Oh dear, I must go brush my teeth.” I say in a funny voice.

She giggles but holds my arm. “No, don’t go. Not yet.”

“But Chloe, I really must go brush my teeth. No one will want to kiss me with funny smelling breath. Certainly Daddy won’t want to kiss me good night unless I go at once to brush.”

Still giggling she kissed me. “Mommy, I still like to kiss you even if you have bad breath.”

That is love unconditional.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Whew. It's been a fun and crazy few weeks. I've had about twenty some odd people stay at my home on different nights for a wedding we hosted recently. At the time, I didn't think I could pull it off. But each guest, even the littlest ones, were so tremendously helpful that I barely had to lift a finger.

When I told a friend that at the most, seventeen people spent the night in my home, she exclaimed, "that's about fifteen too many!" But really, I had my room to myself so I slept well, and the meals practically made themselves (okay, we did order out once). Typically when visiting family, we've always stayed in hotel rooms to be more comfortable. However, through this experience, I can appreciate putting that luxury aside for the pleasure of enjoying being closer to my family.

In the photo above, the look of concern is from one uncle telling the story of another's near death escape from the Navajo "Mafia" and the brother who saved him. We should have been around a campfire telling these stories, but the weather was not kind to us. Instead, we stayed up late each night playing cards, spoons and poker.

Isn't it said that rain on a wedding day brings good luck? Kind of like stepping in doggie doo, right? Each time we had to leave for a scheduled event, and there were several, black clouds darkened the skies and a storm would dump a ton of rain on us all. For the bachelor/bachelorette party, there was even a tornado that drove right through the city of Chicago into Lake Michigan. I didn't think they struck urban centers. Yet, when the marriage was over and the bride and groom drove off with cans bouncing along the street behind them, blue skies prevailed. I take that as a blessing for what is to come in their marriage, I hope.

With everyone gone, and Chloe at school, my home seems a just little more empty.