Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sleepy Time

I have been trying to limit snuggle time with Chloe in the evenings to just a few minutes with no avail. In the past, I’ve thrown that child sleep regimen advice to the wind for me to indulge in those few moments of quiet time just before sleep. I scoff at Dr. Weissbluth and his zealous followers of sleep police. My daughter loves this special time and so do I. We end story time, turn out the lights and snuggle together on her tiny twin bed.

This is that precious time that she’ll tell me about her day. It is the time with no power struggles, no saucy attitude. Usually when grilled at the dinner table about her day she won’t give us any good stories. But at night, relaxed, in bed, she’ll tell me about the girl who had a tantrum in class, or the boy she’d like to marry except he pushed her on the playground that day. She’ll tell me how well she did on the spelling quiz and she’ll even admit to losing a point in class because she wasn’t being “respectful or courteous” to her teacher. Sometimes she falls asleep with her head in the crook of my neck. Sometimes I leave her with a few books to browse because her active mind isn’t ready for rest.

She is now six years old and in first grade. I wonder if she isn’t a little too old to snuggle with mamma so long before sleep, so I’ve tried to cut it down to just a few minutes. Last night she exclaimed, “Mom, I can’t breathe. You’re breath smells funny.”

“Oh dear, I must go brush my teeth.” I say in a funny voice.

She giggles but holds my arm. “No, don’t go. Not yet.”

“But Chloe, I really must go brush my teeth. No one will want to kiss me with funny smelling breath. Certainly Daddy won’t want to kiss me good night unless I go at once to brush.”

Still giggling she kissed me. “Mommy, I still like to kiss you even if you have bad breath.”

That is love unconditional.


  1. Considering my four year old still sleeps with one of us, you're certainly not going to get me to tell you to cut back on the snuggle time.

    I figure they grow up too fast. If they want to sleep or snuggle with me I'll take it. I don't know of any 18 year olds that sleep in bed with their parents so I know it will end some day.

  2. Oh my *giggles*, my daughter once told my husband the very same thing! Too funny. That is definitely unconditional love. My 5 1/2 yr old also still loves to snuggle at bed time. I agree, I think we should take that tie while we can.

  3. I don't think six is too old for some prolonged snuggle time. My son is a great snuggler and ends up in bed with us every night. I just remind myself that not many thirteen year olds still want to cuddle with their Mama and that is enough to make me realize how quickly it's going to go by.

  4. THis is precious! I just blogged about something similar regarding my daughter, Diva, posted under Literary Portrait of my Children. Little girls are tough, but it's so funny how mine doesn't want to let go of me at bedtime.

    Beautiful picture.