Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Chloe & friend

Today was school picture day and the one day this year the kids get to wear something other than their uniform. Chloe picked out her favorite dress and chose to wear a headband. I brushed and brushed her hair to get out all the tangles (typically I hide them in a ponytail) and tried to spray down the unruly strands. When I pulled out a few bobby pins to keep the bangs in place she protested. I pleaded with her first, "please, it will look nice."

"No, Mom."

Then I demanded, "Just wear them."


Then I became the six-year-old...

"Chloe, if you don't let me fix your hair, I'm not going to pay for the pictures."

And she became the Mom...

"Mom, will my hair mess up my smile?"



  1. Hee hee, nice bit of role reversal!

  2. Yes. And I'm afraid she's got more wisdom than I at times.

  3. LOL! What a great kid you have there!

    Every year I'm so picky with my kids about what they wear, how they style their hair(for picture day - not every day) then I realized, every stinkin' picture of my kids is nearly identical. This year I let them all wear their favorite t-shirts, floppy hair, and just be kids. Glad I did, the photos came out so colorful and real. Blaine especially, with about five hundred teeth hanging loose in that pumpkin head of his.

    Love that photo of Chloe and her friend. Way too cute! xo


  4. Don't you hate it when they reverse rolls on you like that?

    Jellybean always gets this evil leering smile for her pictures. No matter how much we tell her to relax her face and then smile naturally...leer!

    By the way, nice to see you "M" Hope you're doing ok. Miss ya.

  5. Great photo!

    Just this morning, my wife had a discussion with our 5-year old about how she wanted her hair to be like whatever. What's it gonna be like when she hits 13?!

  6. Happy New Year for you and your family!
    I hope to hear from you in 2007...

  7. Che carini!