Monday, November 10, 2008


Jasper is nearly 9 months old. Now that he crawls with ease, he is determined to cover every square inch of available floor space. These journeys of exploration usually include me trailing alongside him to pull various objects out of his reach. Recently I was convinced that I had successfully removed all dangerous items so I let him have a little free reign.

First he cruised over to the TV and slimed the Wii numchuk. Then to the cat's Cosmic Alpine Scratcher to scratch? No, to chew on the corners. He pulled himself up to look out the window only to gnaw on the ancient sill (hmmm, maybe I should get that paint tested). Next to the window, the steam trap on the radiator was only too tempting to fit him mouth around. Luckily the cold front hadn't forced the furnace on, yet. In the kitchen he had found that I had moved the cat food to a higher altitude, so he simply planted his mouth right on the floor to suck up any remaining crumbs. Before leaving, he chewed on the leg of a stool before making his way to the shoes at the front door. I finally put a stop to it when I heard him smacking away with one of my gel insoles in his mouth. How many miles had I walked in those to get the funk just right for him? Ewe.

By the time he learns to walk, he will have marked just about everything with his saliva: carpet fringe, cat toys, controllers, socks, toes, newspapers, homework, curtains, chair legs, my Kindle, pots, measuring cups, etc. But god forbid not ever... a baby toy.


  1. Oh boy, maybe Jasper thinks he's helping with the housework?!

  2. Oh, yeah, nothing like some earth friendly, natural enzymes.

    How did you do that, by the way? Know that I had posted after being absent for so long?

    Nice to hear from you.

  3. Babies must have some kind of genetically programmed tendency to build up immunities by putting every foul, germy thing in their mouths. It cracked me up that, rather than quickly grabing that thing out of his mouth, you grabbed the camera. There's a picture of me tasting the mud from a potted plant when I was about his age. I'm still mad at my dad for putting the photo op before my well-being... but then again, I'm alive and well today, so I guess I'll forgive him.

  4. Oh - this is so mild. I grabbed the camera, this time, after missing a prior photo-op of Jasper with his mouth and two fists full of cat food - the soft kind. Ewe, ewe, and ewe. He was so startled that I'd discovered him, that he frantically tried to stuff his mouth with as much as he could before I could whisk him to the sink to clean his hands, clear his mouth and pump his stomach.

  5. Ewwww! is right! Too funny! But I can't get the visuals out of my head now.

    The everything-in-the-mouth phase was cute when it was my smiling immobile babies with just their cute, clean little piggie-toes in their mouths. Once they started creeping and crawling and the world became their buffet, I became a neurotic mess. It probably didn't help that a friend told me about the time she was visiting a relative and her crawling baby daughter found a big, dead cockroach under a table. She caught the baby with that thing a mere inch or two from her mouth. That story pretty much did it for me. I was so glad when my kids moved out of that phase.