Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Phoebe

I have a new baby and she's turned five months old today. Phoebe is a French Mastiff, or Dogue de Bordeaux. She will become very large. While she is a fantastic dog in many, many ways, she is currently under probation in our home. She's been kicked out of her puppy playgroup because her trainer doesn't think she takes correction well from older dogs, and we've been advised to rehome her due to her level of reactivity. There have been many tears shed over this dog. Yet each day, she brings us so much delight as we are all smothered with her puppy happiness, love and plenty of drool. We've decided not to decide just yet, and we'll continue to train and manage her behavior the best we can.

Just now was a good example of why it's great to have a Bordeaux...

When relaxing with a cup of coffee after our morning walk, I heard someone whistle. It sounded so clear like someone was in the house. Phoebe heard it, too. Instead of barking like mad, she got up and quietly walked from room to room throughout our entire home - all 14 of them including the bathrooms. She even bypassed both cats without a look while she was performing her duty. When done, she grabbed a bone and retired to her crate.

Oh, I love this animal. How can a beast elicit such affection having been in our home for only three months?