Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hot Yoga, Cool Lunch

With the encouragement, and good company of my trainer, I took a Bikram Yoga class for the first time today.  Hours later, I still feel like a noodle, or jelly fish, or anything else you can think of that has a terrible time holding its form.  I ate super light in the morning, knowing that I couldn't handle anything in my stomach for the duration of the class, so when I got home, I was Starving.

Nothing better to celebrate making it through 60 plus minutes in 105f and 50% humidity than by enjoying a Raw Vegan lunch.  Beautiful, beautiful food.  While sipping lots of cool water, it took me just a few minutes to put together this, romaine lettuce with nacho cheese sauce (raw, vegan), and homemade pico de gallo.  It helped that I had made both the pico and sauce earlier in the week - they'll keep for a few days, the sauce up to a week.  So good.  The pico and lettuce are too light to sustain my appetite.  But the sauce is rich, creamy and nutritious.  A perfect pairing.  I need to call this something... Raw Tacos?  No - hate comparing new food to old food, it sets up unrealistic expectations.  Hmmm, have to think on this.  I'll put up a recipe for the pico and sauce soon.

Making changes that work for the long haul has everything to do with finding a routine that's workable.  For me it is all about having the right stuff in the refrigerator.  On the days that my son is in preschool (at the moment, only 2 days a week, because my house is too lonely and quiet without him around), I do lots of food prep.  I load up the dehydrator, chop veggies, and whip up a few sauces.  Today, not so much as I'm still trying to find my legs after that hot, hot, hot yoga.

Eat well.

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