Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Favorite Raw Stop

This has been a chaotic week.  Jasper has just begun school, daily, part-time.  I thought it would free up a ton of time for me.  Yet here I am, Thursday evening, exhausted.  Every muscle hurts, especially the ones in my neck and shoulders that scream when I spend too much time on the computer (I wasn't kidding when I said I got lost when putting together some photos for Jasper).  To get us all together on time, I've got to wake up earlier to beat the kids.  I've dreaded this day for years, when I have to live by an alarm clock.  Not like I'm punching a clock again, but almost.  I really liked my hippie home schooling lifestyle, even if it was for only a year.  Now my mornings are a huge rush.  Get dressed.  Get the kids up and dressed.  Deal with at least two temper tantrums without losing my grip.  "I give up" is Jasper's cry of anguish before he marches back upstairs.  I will desperately try to find a way to keep him from making that climb, because if he does, then I will need to do it.  And some days, most days, the knees, the hips, the feet, just cry out with anguish, "I give up, too."

Once everyone's in the car, I'm cool.  Permission slips signed, lunches packed, extra pants, instruments, chap stick, hair bands, hair clips, water bottle, workout clothes - yep, somehow I've managed to keep my stuff on the list of everyone else's stuff I've got to track.  I exhale as we pull out of the garage, we did it.

Drop off kid one, then kid two and I've got a few hours to myself.  I thought this would be huge.  But with my new commitment to workout daily, it barely covers it.  I made it to day four and had to give it a rest when I realized that I haven't had a moment to open mail, return calls, or pay bills.  The promised energy boost from my new exercise routine has not kicked in.  I'm exhausted.
 Today I had a fridge full of beautiful, dark leafy greens, bright red peppers, juicy tomatoes, etc., but I just couldn't pull myself together to make anything satisfying.  Instead, I stopped at raw, in the French Market.  This place is a huge treat for me.  Tucked away towards the back of the market, taking up just a bit of counter space, is the most delicious, healthy food.  Each time I go there I feel refreshed with the kindness of these women.  With the customary small talk, I am pulled into a lively conversation.  It's as if all the belief I have in eating healthy, whole foods will transform my life has come alive in this place.  So inspiring. 

I am certain that food is much more delicious when served up by kind, wholehearted people.

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