Friday, February 24, 2012

Strawberry Ice "Cream"

Maybe because it's gloomy, drizzly and slushy today, Jasper begged to have me make strawberry ice cream.  I was happy to oblige. 

He and I share the same doom (or gift as I'm beginning to discover), we are both lactose intolerant, something that I didn't take seriously for myself until he was born.  Life began for him as a preemie and very fussy boy.  I began to experiment with my diet and soon enough found diary to contribute to much of his discomfort.  What I had been unable to do for myself, giving up dairy was a synch when my baby's comfort (and my sanity) was dependent on it.  Now that I've been reading The China Study, and have learned how harmful casein can be, I've been working to reduce the amount of dairy for the whole family.

This (not) ice cream treat is such a good substitute that I've never feel deprived, and it only takes about 5 minutes to make.  I've altered the recipe from the Vita Mix book that came with the blender.

  1. Toss in a bag of frozen strawberries, 16oz (or any other favorite fruit).  
  2. Pour in 1 cup of almond milk, or soy (not for me), or rice (not as rich), or hemp (nutty).
  3. Add 1/2 cup sugar (I've been using Sugar in the Raw, not that it matters much.  I'm going to experiment with Stevia next on the QT - don't let the kids know).
  4. Add about 1 tsp vanilla.  I don't really measure this part.
  5. Blend on low.  It's rough going at first so use a tamper to gently work the frozen strawberries down.  When you can hear the motor loosen up, switch to high speed and blend until there are four mounds.  I couldn't get a photo while it's in motion, so this one will have to do.  They (the mounds) relaxed a little when the motor stopped.


Eat, quickly (but not too fast or you'll get brain freeze).

Have a good and healthy weekend, friends.

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  1. Tomorrow's treat for the girls. Thanks again Dominique!