Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why Raw?

My family eats out or orders in a lot.  It was a habit formed from my former hatred of the kitchen.  I am known for setting the smoke detectors off frequently, boiling pots dry, and even when standing directly over a pot of rice, I can have a conversation with someone and just not notice the pot of rice boil over and flood the stove until it runs over the ledge onto my feet. 

It has happened, that thing with the rice, in front of the veterinarian (who does house calls) as we talked about our kids' schooling.  She talks a lot, which is usually great for me, because sometimes, frequently, there are days when I don't get a chance to talk to adults.  But also, talking for me is distracting.  I'm a one thing at a time kind of gal.  I don't talk and drive at the same time, even when the audio's coming over the sound system.  And just as I was impressing her (surely) with the merits of homeschooling, the pot boiled over, I kept on talking, and then I burnt my toes - because, you know, homeschoolers don't wear shoes. 

I am almost certain this is why my husband will never consent to living in the suburbs.  He's afraid with limited delivery options, I might just burn down the house while trying to make a simple meal.

Perhaps that's why raw is so appealing to me.

PS:  I had that yummy Mediterranean Kale salad for dinner tonight.  So good.

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