Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Bit Off, A Bit On

Can you believe we were poolside soaking up the sun in the middle of March in Chicago?!!

I've been off-line for the last few days because I packed the car and took the kids to a local homeschool conference.  We homeschooled for only one year and in that year, I've met the most beautiful, compassionate and interesting people.  I don't want to lose touch with them, nor do I want my daughter to lose touch with her friends although she is now back in school.

I've also been a little off the diet as I've spent the weekend racing from one activity to the next and trying to locate one child or the other in the vast resort we stayed at.  I did plan ahead of time and brought a lot of my own food.  I am certain that with what I brought and with a few platters of fresh fruit from the hotel, I would have had more than enough good food for myself.  However, I found myself picking from the children's leftovers a little too much. 

My husband has always frustrated me with his eating habits.  One thing I notice that I think might be the reason in why he eats mostly junk but remains slender is that as soon as he finishes eating, he gets up and leaves the table.  That drives me crazy.  I want to linger, converse, hear everyone's stories.  Yet, as I linger, I pick at the food in spite of feeling full.  Oftentimes my family will dart instantly from the table and I am left alone, still picking at food.  Feeling the disconnect, I keep eating until I am uncomfortable.  I'm at a loss to try and understand what holds me there.  He might have something... dinner's over, leave the table, do something else. 

The conference I attended was very gratifying.  Last year, it was all about the children as I recognized so few faces, and felt very new, and a little out of place.  This year, I was happy to see so many familiar faces.  We shared food, our children, our support, and love.  I feel that in spite of slipping here and there with my diet, I felt mentally shored up for this deep cleansing week ahead.

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