Thursday, March 22, 2012


Wondering today how it all fits together...

Lucy on my new Flor

kids in a pool

County Fair 


Skytel (first cell phone, I think, I forgot)


MCI/Skytel text pagers

We had a hell of a time trying to sell these back in the day.


Wireless Phone

Digital Phone

Analog Phone from Bell Labs (with a cord!)

This looks like the phone I grew up with.

United States Postal Service

Two Tin Cans and a String

Pen and Paper



Cries (at birth)

If you're still with me, I tried to go back in time and I've probably missed a few.  If my back wasn't killing me today, I'd be outside.  I need a stretcher and two hunky strong men to bring me to the park, or just some really good drugs.


  1. HILARIOUS! Cries at birth.. :)

    Oh my gosh the ancient first cell phone!!

    You have more accounts than I do by FAR!

  2. When I find my baby book, I'll add a few more photos. I missed some major technology from the time I left MCI to have a baby. I arrived in Chicago with a one-year-old after living in a new mommy cocoon only to find well dressed people walking all over the Chicago loop talking to themselves - loudly, with huge hand gestures. I thought I was having flashbacks to the late 80s when I arrived in NYC and there was still, and still today :( homeless people walking all over the East Village doing the same thing - only the Chicagoans were well dressed and fed (did you know that Chicago is ranked among the top five fattest cities every year?). It was the blue tooth devices sticking in their ears that caused their appearance of insanity.