Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 16 on The Garden Diet

Edwin really believes that I don't notice him on the counter.
I've departed a little from the menu.

Theirs:  Apple Collard Green Smoothie
Mine:  Green Juice

Theirs:  Sprout salad with cashew dressing
Mine:  Durian/OJ smoothie. 

I found (well, my housekeeper found) durian in Chicago in the frozen section of an Asian market. That stuff stinks!  But it is oddly compelling and incredibly creamy.  Definitely a taste to be acquired.  I'll try it again.

Durian, mango, banana, OJ smoothie.  This was like dessert, but with a very strange smell.

Theirs:  Broccoli Quiche
Mine:  Tossed salad with the cashew dressing that I didn't have for lunch.  Amazing, amazing, amazing, but not low cal in the least. 

Here's a trick I do with highly caloric, but fantastic salad dressings.  I toss the salad in a large mixing bowl with a measured amount of dressing.  I like to let it sit a bit to soften the greens.  A little dressing can go a long way.

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