Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 9 (yesterday), All Veg

(Welcome Daily Raw Inspiration readers.  Browse around, drop a line.  As you'll see, I'm working on The Garden Diet 28 Day Transition to Raw program.  Check back for new updates and cheer me on as I make some HUGE changes in my life.  Your kind support is appreciated.  With love, Dominique from Mixed Threads.)   

Seriously?  Only Vegetables?  The menu looked frightening to me, that is how emotional I get about food.  Yet, I was determined to follow the plan today.  While the kids were eating breakfast, I dusted off my neglected juicer (really neglected, the bright shiny white housing is now yellow) and began juicing.  I started with two apples (the only fruit in my all veg day) and my little Jasper was so amused to see that apple juice actually comes out of an apple.  He rushed over to help me, and then to drink all of my apple juice.  Eh, I put the rest off until after I dropped them off at school.

Photo Disclaimer:  I woke up with excruciating pain in my lower back, so I didn't make the effort to walk upstairs to get my real camera.  Sometimes iPhone takes awesome images, sometimes not.

Back at home, I got busy and juiced kale, cucumber, celery, apple, and lemon.  Oh, and I threw in a little ginger for a kick.  So good, and surprisingly satiating.  I didn't believe it could hold my appetite for very long, so I continued juicing to fill another quart, assuming I'd need to drink it throughout the day.  I didn't.  Need to drink it, that is.  I never got hungry and I was very surprised.  Now I think there might be something to juice fasting.

Because I had already made a big mess in the kitchen, I kept going to set up for the rest of today, and some of tomorrow.

DIET TIP:  (I'm cultivating these little habits already, that I think I'm going to log these in).  Take the time to prepare your food - mindfully.

I'd always thought that the more time that I spend in the kitchen, the more I will eat.  Not so.  It seems that the less time I set aside for food preparation, the more I will grab convenience foods that are typically in a bag, or frozen box, or from a fast food joint.  Highly process gunk.  In the last year that I've been eating raw, I've fallen in love with my kitchen.  Each new food that I work with, or each new process is a joyful discovery.

After Jasper came home from school, he was anxious to use the juicer, so I tried juicing my grapefruit (it didn't work so great with a hand citrus juicer, last week).  It made such a huge mess.  The pulp was still very juicy, so I ran it through the juicer again, and still had to work it through a sieve.  In hind site, it was too much work, I may stick to blending it with the Vita Mixer the next time.  However, as Jasper and I were determined to get as much juice as possible out of that grapefruit, we had so much fun.  The work put in, increased the value of the product by far.  When we finally bottled it, we just sat them across the counter and looked at them as though it were a Van Gogh.  (At that point, I had misplaced my phone - sorry, no pic.)

Still in the kitchen with Jasper, he helped me prep for my dinner smoothie by gathering all the ingredients.  They look so colorful and pretty.  He thought so, too, and before he would let me chop them up and throw them in the blender, he picked each one up, rolled it around in his hands and examined it, and named it.  He only needed help with the avocado.  I'll forgive him that because he hates them - how? and that he's related to me is truly bizarre.  Maybe later in life.

Once blended, not so pretty - more like green sludge.  I actually felt kind of bad about this.  The taste was lovely and when eaten slowly, I could distinguish between the flavors quite nicely.  The appearance of the food makes a big difference to me.  This was the first night at dinner that I felt deprived.  It tasted nice enough, that the next time I make it, I'll try pulsing some of the veggies in the processor, and blend others to make a soup.

In spite of the back pain, all in all it was a great day.  I went to bed without feeling hungry, and I'm starting to marvel at the energy I have in spite of the significant drop in calories.  This is definitely going in the right direction.


  1. I absolutely enjoyed your blog today! I loved the first paragraph where you had to pause until they went to school LOL! And your thought about the less time you spend in the kitchen the more you grab processed foods! Wow, that hit the nail on the head for me! I love that your child is so interested in helping you, reminds me of my girls, I love their help :)

  2. Thanks. Now I've got to get the big girl involved : ) She's loving my morning fruit smoothies - if I put anything green in it, she'll run away. At least I know she's getting some good vitamins.

  3. Add blueberries to your green smoothies ...maybe she'll drink the royal purple!