Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Three on The Garden Diet

Last night I had a small triumph, although for many it may not seem like a big deal.  As a family, we all went to my daughter's school for a concert showcase.  Lovely event.  Her school is located near one of my husband's favorite restaurants.  We're big dining out folks, mostly because I've never been much of a cook.  After school events, it has become a tradition to go to this restaurant, one that everyone looks forward to.  I look forward to the day when I can go to any restaurant and find something that will suit me, and simply be satisfied with that.  Right now, I feel like an alcoholic in the first 90 days just trying to stay away from people, places and things that trigger excessive eating.  So last night, I simply said no thank you.  I want to celebrate my daughter's performance -  love her up for being the great kid that she is - but not with a big plate full of greasy, cheesy, starchy, meaty food.  I think I enjoyed my super salad even more because I stuck to my guns.  The family ate something else (takeout - I've got to work on that still), and my husband was jealously eying my salad the entire time.  Next time I'll make it for four.  It was really good.

This morning, I didn't prepare breakfast ahead of time.  With the chaos of our morning routine (I really miss homeschooling), if I don't prep the night before, I'm prone to grab anything (not always the best) before leaving the house.  Fortunately, when preparing for this week, I put all the fruit in my fridge onto the center of my counter in a big, beautiful bowl.  It won't keep as long, but I see the fruit every time I walk through the kitchen, and I'll eat more of it.  I actually end up wasting less produce when I see it in the open.  I grabbed a banana before running out, and Jasper ate half.  My focus this month on sticking to The Garden Diet will inevitably benefit my family as well.

Grapefruit before blending.  I love the colors.

Grapefruit juice for breakfast.  NOT ENOUGH!  I panicked, but I stayed with the plan.  The grapefruit wasn't so easy for me to juice.  So I gave up, chunked it up and blended it in my Vita Mix.  I love the results.  The texture turned out kind of creamy which was unexpected for grapefruit.  Some of the fibers are a little tough and chewy, so I might strain them out next time.  I had enough extra to fill a quart sized Mason jar so I've been enjoying it throughout the day.

After an hour and a half of hot yoga this morning, I'm feeling a bit like a limp noodle, and a bit spacy.  That could have more to do with continued caffeine withdrawal and that I stayed up to midnight assembling the kids' new bunk bed (or having only juice for breakfast).  Instead of preparing lunch, I stopped at my favorite raw restaurant in Chicago and had a Kale salad.  They are so expensive, but in a pinch, I'd rather treat myself to their yummy food, rather than go through another summer of debating whether to purchase the next size up, or get through on what I've got.

When thinking about my weight, I'm trying to determine what a reasonable goal is.  I think I'm a solid fifty pounds overweight.  My doctor would say about 20-30 pounds.  It's been years since I've even attempted to stick to a diet, so I don't even know what is possible.  I think from my old Weight Watcher days, the healthy goal was about 1.5 to 2 pounds a week.  If ambitious, for this 28 day program, that should be about 8 pounds.  I'd be pretty happy with that.  I have many other reasons for changing my diet besides dropping a few pounds, yet all the reasons seem so interrelated.
  • Lower the weight ->less pressure on the joints and feet. 
  • Less pressure on the joints and feet -> easier it is to exercise. 
  • More exercise -> stronger muscles.
  • Stronger muscles -> less pressure on joints. 
  • Less pressure on joints -> less arthritis pain. 
  • Less pain -> easier to exercise. 
  • More exercise -> better mood. 
  • Better mood -> more sex (I had to slip this one in - it's not my self-image that effects my libido, it is the sluggishness from poor eating, I'm certain)
  • Better sex -> less depression.
  • Less depression -> more conscious life.
This list could go on an on.

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